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5 thoughts on “Connect via Chartres

  1. Michel Pellerin

    I have been fortunate enough to visit this great monument several times but I have only recently become aware of the fact that its preservation is in part due to the heroic efforts of an American officer who, at the risk of his own life, prevented it from being shelled during the second world war. Has any thought been given to having a memorial plaque placed in the cathedral to commemorate Colonel Griffiths’ actions? All of us who have been able to visit and who will visit the well preserved cathedral owe him a debt of gratitude. His role should be made known to all who visit this treasure of the ages.

    1. Dominique Lallement

      Dear M. Pellerin,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      I am so glad your learned about Colonel Griffith: he is truly a heroe and one of American Friends of Chartres’ heroes. We very much appreciate your suggestion to have a plaque in his honor. There is actually a small plaque already within the Cathedral, below one of the stained-glass window in the South Transept.

      Since we managed to get the details of his incredible story, American Friends of Chartres has tried to honor his memory in many ways. On August 16th, 2014 we laid a wreath in his honor, in the military cemetery in Houston, Tx: August 16th, 2014 was the 70th anniversary of his death. On September 13th, 2014, I was able to participate in the unveiling a plaque in his honor in a Park named after him. in Lèves, a little town 6km from Chartres. With the municipal authorities we laid a wreath in the Park, the French and US national anthems were played, in the presence of a few hundred people from the town, including verterans organizations, then we walked down towards the center of town and laid other wreaths in front of the plaque set where he was ambushed and killed. Later on, the local authorities had organized some speeches to commemorate the liberation of Lèves, and I was privileged to speak and honor again his memory, in front of a few thousand people from the town. It was extremely moving.

      The young man who was Colonel Griffith’s secretary during 18 months, Eugene Schulz, is now 93, but we have been able to connect with him. He has been in Chartres three times since then, and the last two times, we were able to accompany him, in 2016 and 2017. Again, in 2016 we organized with the Lèves municipality a little ceremony to honor his memory and in 2017, in the Cathedral, by the stained-glass window dedicated to him. Just like you, we want to continue to honor him. I will forward a few pictures, including one of the Colonel which was given to me by his daughter. We would be honored if you would work with us in continuing these efforts.

      I am copying this note to Col. Griffith’s daughter, , and to Eugene Schulz: both will be thrilled I am sure about your interest and suggestion. I am also copying my colleague on AFC’s Board of Director, Craig Kuehl, who worked hard to trace the history of Colonel Griffith for American Friends of Chartres.

      Thank you again for your wonderful suggestion and interest. Let us know if you visited Chartres recently or have plans to do so.

      Kind regards,

      Dominique Lallement
      American Friends of Chartres

  2. Michelle Freeman

    I have noted the presentation of the new film on Chartres being shown at Boston’s MFA and have watched the trailer. I see that one can also purchase the film on DVD. However, is there a DVD version that will actually play on an American DVD player? I think that filma made in France cannot be shown on our machines and vice versa. Can you please advise me?

    Thank you.

    1. afc_admin Post author

      Hello Michelle, and thank you for your question. Unfortunately you are correct; the current version of the DVD will not play on an American DVD player. However, it can play on a computer via a desktop app such as VLC ( ) a free, open source media player. From a computer or laptop it can be broadcast to your TV via wi-fi or HDMI cable.

      1. Dominique Lallement

        Dear Michelle,

        Further to the previous comment, this is to let you know that American Friends of Chartres is in the process of re-editing the DVD to ‘American standards’, with the permission of Kanari Films. We hope to have the new version that will actually plan on a standard American DVD player in a few weeks… The DVD is sold at $20 including postage. If you wish to order copies, send us your informations to our email address: Thank you for your interest. Dominique Lallement, President, American Friends of Chartres.


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