Chartres Sanctuaire du Monde



American Friends of Chartres works in tandem with the French organization, Chartres, Sanctuaire du Monde  (CSM), which raises funds for the restoration of  Notre-Dame de Chartres from private individuals in France.  CSM has worked since 1992 in close cooperation with the Historic Monuments Commission and supports the public efforts of the French government to restore this unique monument.  The French government matches all funds raised by CSM.

CSM was set up to work for the long-term future and reputation of the cathedral Notre Dame de Chartres and to bring about and foster all the individual and collective initiatives likely to contribute to this. CSM works together closely with the region’s historical monuments preservation body in choosing the work to be funded. This exemplary collaboration is the result of a desire shared by the government departments and the volunteers working for the association to collect the maximum amount of resources for the preservation of this sanctuary.


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